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Your South Atlantic Federal Credit Union ATM Card gives you the ultimate convenience: access to your money, around the clock, every day of the year.

Because of our affiliation with Publix's Presto!, Pulse, Cirrus or the Co-op Networks, your South Atlantic Federal Credit Union ATM card works at thousands of locations world-wide. Anywhere the Presto!, Pulse, Cirrus or the Co-op logo is shown, your card will work.

Presto  Cirrus  Co-op  Pulse

The cost of using your ATM card is nominal, compared to the convenience you have at your fingertips.

You can also use your card to pay for your purchases at one of the participating Point of Sale locations, where you will not incur any usage fees at all! Many of these locations even allow you to get cash back, saving you more in transaction fees.

Check out our ATM locator page to find an ATM or Point of Sale location that accepts your ATM card. This can be an invaluable resource prior to embarking on your next vacation!

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